How to Enable Wireless Builds / Run / Debug in Xcode 9 & iOS 11

Connect via wireless network to install, run and debug in Xcode 9 and iOS11

Posted by Prateep Gedupudi on February 23, 2018

Usually I spend time on learning new concepts in Machine Learning. It is very painful to train the models to get the great accuracy even for simple ML alogorithms until unless we have a huge datset.

I saw a demo from WWDC session on core ML, how easily they were integrated the predefined models into the iOS apps with not more than 5 lines of code and simple drag and drops. Good thing about the model pipeline is we can create our own model with the simple steps.

Then I thought of learning to create iOS app myself, went through a free Udacity course and learnt to create an app. Painfull thing is we need to deploy new versions to the phone with the cord connected to it.

Now the pain is gone with the ‘Connect via wireless network to install, run and debug in Xcode 9 and iOS11’ devices. First time connect the device to mac with the cord and enable the setting ‘Connect via Network’ under Xcode - window - Devices & Simulator - select the device. Then unplug the cord from phone, either connect the mac, iPhone to the same wifi network or pair the devices with bluetooth to stay in the same network. From now onwards install, run, debug iOS apps wirelessly.

Please have a look on below video for visuals of the same.

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