What is Big Data ?

It is all about Volume, Variety and Velocity in Data

Posted by Prateep Gedupudi on June 6, 2016

Data in Velocity

Velocity refers to the speed of data processing. It is all about how much time Data is taking to process. Some of the data types in velocity are below.

  1. Batch
  2. Periodic
  3. Near Real Time
  4. Real Time

Data in Volume

Volume refers to the amount of data. As we all aware data in volume is in MB, GB, TB, PB

Data in Variety

Variety refers to the number of types of data. We have data in many types of variety and below are the some of the examples.

  1. Table
  2. Database
  3. Photo
  4. Web
  5. Audio
  6. Social
  7. Video
  8. Unstructured
  9. Mobile