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International Experience Canada – travel and work in Canada

Posted by Prateep Gedupudi on December 13, 2015

Are you so much tired of looking many visa types to reach Canada? Are you in confusion to choose best visa type to reach Canada? Are you comes under age group of <35? Are you looking a visa to work and travel in Canada? If the answer is yes for all the questions then you are at right place to know about the visa type to reach Canada under International Experience Canada(IEC).

International Experience Canada (IEC) provides young individuals the opportunity to travel and work in Canada. As of November 21, 2015, there is a new application process to become an IEC participant. IEC is available in countries and territories that have a bilateral youth mobility agreement with Canada. If the country does not have an agreement with Canada, then there is a way to use a Recognized Organization to come to Canada under IEC.

More about IEC can be found @ Link
More about Recognized Organization(RO) can be found @ Link